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Cost Effective

We are integrated logistics provider that offers customized solutions tailored with our customers demand helping their businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

Company Resources

Our company is leading towards smart investment and practical acquisitions. With our warehouse facilities, fleet of trucks, and cargo handling equipment, surely we can support your day to day logistics needs.

Professional Skills

Our organization leadership prioritize development of our personnel enhancing abilities to help others work, collaborate, problem-solve, and succeed at their responsibilities. From our in-house licensed Customs Broker, truck dispatcher and operators, customer service team, and support team, we are committed bringing value with our customer at all times.


One of our limitations is our worldwide network particularly those seldom origin or
destinations of a cargo (for forwarding).

Owned material handling equipment (MHE) to other warehouse (for warehousing).

I Suggest not to indicate any limitations on our website as we’d like to project ourselves as a total logistics provider.

We don’t support certain product. We cater any product which our client wants to

We currently have 3 warehouse locations

  • Main Office
  • Old Kabihasnan Road
  • Alabang Zapote Road

We can also include our Cebu branch situated in Mandaue City.

Depends on the agreed timeline or according to our client’s requirements.

We currently follows the “Good Distribution Practice” guidelines.

Specific SOPs or a tailored fit process to ensure customer standards are met. Order fulfillment will take place in accordance with our internal KPIs.

We use a checklist or inspection list for drivers, vehicles, and equipment on a daily basis.

Vehicle, equipment and facility preventive maintenance is performed on a regular basis.

Key Performance Indicator provided by business unit (c/o Paola).

The company provides employee orientation and training programs.

This we need to set up yet as I believed that we don’t have this policy yet.

For third-party damages and claims, we follow the carriers’ and outside warehouses’ claim
procedures by obtaining a “Bad Order Report” and filing a formal claim within 7 days after

At the moment, any damages or losses incurred within our premises are handled in accordance with MDLI’s Service Contract or SLA.

MDLI have the flexibility to scale up with your business development. One of our account managers will work closely with you to manage this process.

Having the right insurance cover is essential. Most freight forwarders offer marine insurance as an additional service or you might include marine insurance as part of your business insurance. Either way, make sure that you do put insurance in place for transport and/or storage of your goods with third parties. MDLI can provide marine insurance upon request.